TENDAI ICT provides a range of outsourced support options for full outsource or in-house IT departments based on ITIL and Microsoft Operating Framework. Our approach is to prevent problems before they happen. Meaning of Tendai, Be Thankful [to God] (Shona of Zimbabwe).
TENDAI ICT is a VMware Partner, Cloud on Demand, Veema, Dell, Fujitsu and HP Alliance One Partner.

Our Mission

Take ICT technology to our under privileged people of Africa (technology trends shaping the lives of Africans).

Our Vision

Turning On Africa`s Technology.

Products & Services

Our management philosophy is simple and is an integral part of our values: doing right things right, the first time.

  • IT Managed Services (Data Interchange, Network Design & Administration, IT Continuity Planning and Managed Databases)
  • IT Outscoring (Desktops, servers, portable devices, applications and networking Support)
  • IT Project Management and Implementation Services ( Data Centre Implementation, Virtualization and Systems Implementations)
  • Hardware and Software Sales( IT Procurement)
  • Specialists in Fibre Optic Network Solutions
  • Datacenter & Facilities Integrated Ecosystems
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Network Operations Centre (Noc)
Target Market
  • Corporate
  • Small office and home office (SOHO) segment
  • Medium to large businesses
  • The local government market segment
Competitive Advantage
  • Our partnerships with product owner’s/Manufactures gives us the edge.
  • We sell our service and support. The hardware is like the razor, and the support, service, software, and training, are the razor blades. We serve our customers with total solutions, and not just product features. The products are a means to arriving at end solutions.
  • Make it Magnetic – We understand that very good isn’t good enough. Most products fail to create an emotional connection with customers. Products must be magnetic, because when it comes to creating demand, it’s not the first mover that wins; it’s the first to create and capture the emotional space in the market.
  • Accept responsibility and take personal accountability for all our actions and outputs (No More Finger Pointing)
  • Find The Trigger – Most people who hear about a product remain fence-sitters, unwilling to try or buy until a trigger moves them to act. Tendai ICT demand creators will constantly search for the right triggers, always experimenting until we get a response
  • Around the Clock IT Support (Real time systems and application monitoring using SCOM and responding to the alerts immediately, this will allow us to resolve issues as they happen in production before our clients becomes aware
  • Certified field engineers trained to solve the most challenging technical problem
  • Quality Service – 110% service Delivery and never drop the ball